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The Data Element Dictionary is managed by the North Dakota University System. The Data Elements Dictionary is the required guide to data elements, the corresponding descriptions, and related attributes in NDUS systems. The Data Elements Dictionary needs to be used by institution end users, query writers, NDUS staff, and other stakeholders to assist with ensuring understanding and consistency of data. The project has several objectives:

NDUS Policy 1901.5 states:
Every employee who uses data as part of their job (whether entering, extracting, analyzing or reporting) is responsible for the quality of the data and using it as described in the data element dictionary. The campus CE is ultimately responsible to ensure that missing or inaccurate data is minimized, and provide timely correction of data issues. The NDUS CI will provide periodic reports to the campus CE or designate identifying missing or inaccurate data.

The NDUS System Information Technology Services is responsible for managing the Data Element Dictionary, in consultation with the campuses. The data elements include fields (dimensions) used in computer systems and calculations (facts) made with that data from which campus and university system reports are drawn. By standardizing the data going into the systems, and standardizing calculation formulas, reporting will be more reliable and comparable among campuses.

Data Element Dictionary

The dictionary shall include, at a minimum:

Data Quality and Integrity
Data is an important asset for the entire University System, and is held to support the fundamental instructional, research and public service missions. This procedure is intended to ensure that campus data has a high degree of integrity, and that key data elements can be integrated across electronic systems. Furthermore, certain data fields will be mandated for use to both ensure accurate and consistent reporting, but also as an additional system internal control function. Especially critical to this process is data cleanup and correction prior to the fourth week reporting period.

Ensuring good data quality is essential if the institutions of the North Dakota University System are to:

Data Entry Procedures

Data entry procedures must adhere to the following data quality principles: