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NDU BHE Annual Headcount 
NDU158CA NDU BHE annual degree-credit headcounts by acad career level and ethnic group

Created On: 2 January 2013

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Run by Term for 4th week or End of Term

Data Available for Spring 2007 to Current.

Reports include:

Update 2013 Ann Undupl Deg Crd NDU158CA SQR Report
Update 2013 Ann Undupl NonDegr NDU158CB SQR Report
Update 2013 Ann Undupl NonCrd NDU158CC SQR Report
Update 2013 Ann Undupl Aggr NDU158CD SQR Report
Annual Undup. Degree-Credit NDU158SA SQR Report
Annual Undup. NonDegree-Credit NDU158SB SQR Report
Annual Undup. Non-Credit NDU158SC SQR Report
Annual Undup. Aggregate NDU158SD SQR Report