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NDU Enrollment Reports 
NDU Enrollment Reports

Updated: January 2013
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Run by Term for 4th week or End of Term

Data Available for Spring 2007 to Current.

Report Includes:

Headcounts and FTE Enrollments NDUH2SRA SQR Report
Student Data Statistics NDUH2SRD SQR Report
H/C by academic group/gender NDUH2SRE SQR Report
Student Enroll by State/County NDUH2SRF SQR Report
Enroll Total by State/County NDUH2SRG SQR Report
Unit Hour by Acad/Course Lvls NDUH2SRI SQR Report
Headcount by Acad Grp/Gender NDUH2SRJ SQR Report
Compliance Report NDUH2SRK SQR Report
Residence of 1st time students NDUH2SRL SQR Report
IPEDS Print Program Enrollment NDUH2SRM SQR Report
Enroll Sum of Students by Age NDUH2SRN SQR Report
DEGR CRDT H/C by Category NDUH2SRO SQR Report
E-lrn Degr H/C by dlvry mthd NDUH2SRQ SQR Report
E-lrn Nondeg H/C by dlvry mthd NDUH2SRR SQR Report
Unit Hrs Acad Grp/Lvl Subj Sex NDUH2SRS SQR Report
Subject Unit Hrs by Cat level NDUH2SRT SQR Report
NDU Headcounts by Credit NDUH2SRU SQR Report
Transfer Data by Race/Gender NDUH2SRV SQR Report
High School Enrolled Students NDUH2SRW SQR Report
Full-time On-Campus Report NDUH2SRX SQR Report
Developmental Course Enrollmnt NDUH2SRY SQR Report
Distance Education Status NDUH2SRZ SQR Report