Name of Report 
NDU Wavier Analysis Report 
Report summarizing waivers students received for various charges

Report Provided Yearly in October


NDU Applications > NDU Student Financials > Report > NDU Waiver Analysis Report
Report will use the Prior Academic History file to report the data for this report 
Requested By 
Board Office 
Point of Contact 
NDUS Student Financials 
Disclaimers and Notes 
INST – NDUS institution in which the student was enrolled
EMPLID – This is the unique identification number assigned to any person (student/employee) who has a record in PeopleSoft
TUITION RES – The student’s tuition residency
STATE – The student’s state of residency
CITZ – The student’s current citizenship country
RESIDENCY – The student’s official residency
TUITION AMT – Total tuition amount charged to the student
TUITION WAIVED – Tuition amount waived
TUITION BAL – Tuition amount minus tuition waived
%WAIVED – Tuition waived divided by tuition amount
COVERAGE – Description of tuition waiver coverage (Full, partial, or none)
HOUSING AMT – Total housing amount charged to the student
HOUSING WAIVED – Housing amount waived
MANDATORY FEES – Total mandatory, program, distance learning access, course, and class fees charged to student
MANDATORY WAIVED – Mandatory, program, distance learning access, course, and class fees waived
CAREER – Academic career of student (UGRD, GRAD, PROF, etc.)
LEVEL – Academic level of student ( Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, Graduate, etc.)
CREDIT HRS – Total credit hours the student is enrolled in for the specified terms
FTE – Full-time equivalency based off Student Records historical file information
TERM(S) – Term(s) of the data requested and reported